structure of curriculum

The structure of curriculum concerning Master in Urbanism, consolidated since 1996, is being adjusted and updated aiming the enrichment of the program contents and the amendment to the development of the research subject areas, as well as it has been aiming to offer a great and flexible variety of subjects. The current structure of curriculum is thus constituted:

Total credits of subjects: 24 credits

Total credits of compulsory subjects: 16 credits

Total de credits of optional subjects: 8 credits


The compulsory subjects are organized as it follows:


First Term

Studio I – 3 credits

History and Theory of Urbanism – 3 credits

Research Methodology– 2 credits

PROURB Seminars– 1 credit


Second Term

Seminar for Dissertation – 2 credits

Theory of Urban Form– 3 credits

PROURB Seminars – 1 credit


Publicado em 16/10/2013