Seminários PROURB: Deirdre Oakley

URBAN DISPOSSESSION AND URBAN RESIDUALS: The Affordability Crisis and Serial Residential Instability


Dia 07/12/2016 – às 11:00 horas
Auditório – LAMEMO/CT

Dr. Oakley is a Professor in the Georgia State University Sociology Department. She is a Managing Editor of the Journal of Urban Affairs. Her research, which has been widely published focuses primarily on how urban social disadvantages concerning education, housing, neighborhood change as well as redevelopment, are often compounded by geographic space and urban policies. Dr. Oakley has provided Congressional Testimony concerning public housing preservation and the Neighborhood Choice Initiative to the Financial Services Committee. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology and her M.A. in Geography from SUNY Albany, as well as her B.A. in American History from Bowdoin College.

Publicado em 06/12/2016