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Luciana da Silva Andrade holds a doctoral degree in Geography – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (2002). She is Associate Professor – School of Architecture and Urbanism – Rio de Janeiro (FAU-UFRJ) and permanent member of Graduate Program in Urbanism (PROURB/FAU/UFRJ). Her research theme is popular housing, with emphasis on occupations in central areas, slum clusters or “favelas” and housing complexes. From December 2005 to november 2006 she developed post-doctoral research on the Public Spaces concerning the Housing Complexes (Siedlungen) in Berlim. This research was done with BAUHAUS Universität Weimar, in the context of PROBAL-CAPES/DAAD. She was a member of CHIQ DA SILVA, association of architectural and urbanistic support to the homeless population, with which she took part in the housing project in Gamboa, Rio de Janeiro, which was awarded honors in the Contest “Concurso Caixa IAB” 2009. She was Sub-coordinator of education PROURB (management 2008-2009). In 2009 she received financial support of FAPERJ, in the context of “Programa Jovem Cientista do nosso Estado” (2009-2012). Currently she coordinates research project to assessment of “Programa Minha Casa Minha Vida”, financially supported by the Ministry of Cities and “CNPq”.

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