lines of research

The research projects from PROURB faculty encompass the urbanism interdisciplinary field through five lines of research:

Urban Environment and Landscaping
Line of research that explores the quality of the urban environment, mainly, issues related to landscaping, green public areas, environmental sustainability, environmental comfort , environmental sanitation and urban environmental damage.

Low-Income Settlements and Housing
Line of research that investigates issues related to informal settlements (slums, irregular lots and encroachments), and themes concerned with social, low-income and similar types of housing, as, for instance, governance and public services supplies aimed at lower social standing.
Structuring, Morphology and Urban Space
Line of research that investigates the physical and territorial dimension of the urban issue, mainly issues concerned with structuring and morphology of the urban space, as well as themes concerned with the urban project.

Digital Graphics, Representation and Urbanism
Line of research that investigates the new possibilities of representation and its tranformational role in the design of the project in the urban research methodologies.

City and Urbanism History
Line of research that investigates the issues related to the formation and development of cities, the history of the urban thinking and its theorical and methodological propositions.

Publicado em 30/09/2013